Earthquakes in the US, Not Just a West Cost Issue

Earthquakes in the US, Not Just a West Cost Issue
Host: James of “I Am Liberty”

EarthquakesAbout 2 years ago, long before I Am Liberty, I was cooking pizza for some folks at the cafe who employed me at the time. When the world began to shake underfoot the windows made the most noise and we rushed to the doorways. It was a truly eye opening experience not to mention my wife was on the road with my newborn son. Thankfully we were far enough away from the source in Mineral, Virginia the property damage was minimal but the effect it had on daily life was felt

It was estimated that one third of the nation’s population felt the effects of this quake. But worse was the effect it had on communications on the East coast. Whenever things like this happen it is always shocking how frail our communications systems are. Read more “Earthquakes in the US, Not Just a West Cost Issue”