Cat Ellis on Lil’ Suburban Homestead!

Cat Ellis on Lil’ Suburban Homestead
Karen Lynn “Lil’ Suburban Homestead

Cat Ellis on Lil' Suburban Homestead Prepper's Natural MedicineKaren Lynn is so excited to have fellow Prepper BroadcastingNetwork Host of the live radio show The Herbal Prepper Cat Ellis on her show this week!  Cat had Karen Lynn and her husband she calls “The Viking” on as guests on her show shortly after Karen Lynn moved over to the Prepper Broadcasting Network now it’s Cat’s turn and Karen Lynn cannot wait to glean some of Cat’s herbal knowledge  as they discuss Cat’s latest book “Preppers Natural Medicine”  that was recently released as an herb enthusiast herself it is sure to be a fun, informative, and engaging show! Read more “Cat Ellis on Lil’ Suburban Homestead!”


Uses for certain trees as well as some tasty tree treats!

Forage treeThis Friday evening on Foraging For Life we will be discussing the different uses for certain trees as a means to sustain ones’ self along with some tricks one can do to obtain some tasty treats from those trees. We will also look into some of the natural medicinal attributes for a few of the species and other useful things that the giants of the forest have to offer by means of simple survival tips. You don’t have to be a beaver to appreciate the sustainability that the trees have to offer as they provide much more than the common applications of building and heating our homes. Come join us for the discussion and please bring with you some questions and comments! I look forward to seeing you all there.

Go Here, to open another window and view the trees and shrubs discussed in this show!

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Herbalist, Susun Weed joins The Other Side…A Preppers Path!

The debilitating cost of medical treatment in today’s world is a specter for all.  That specter looms directly in the form of the Big Pharmaceutical Company. The price and actual safety of the medicines many have come to depend upon is definitely in question and inflated beyond reach for those most in need.  What is the answer? The Other Side of A Preppers Path offers the homesteader, prepper and health conscious viable answers as renowned teacher, author and herbalist Susun Weed of the Wise Woman Tradition joins Lynna with The Herbal Medicine Chest Part I. Tune in and find out the answers to the issues of cost, safety and reliability when it comes to your health and the natural  medicine that grows abundantly around us. Learn how to prepare your own Herbal Medicine Chest. All in this show available in player below.

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