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Americans and National Preparedness Month!

Ten years ago the month of September became nationally known for something more than the harbinger of autumn when National Preparedness Month was launched. The effort to enlighten and educate citizens to the vital role each play in surviving disaster birthed National Preparedness Month. Events are being held all over the country during the month as well…
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September 8, 2013 0

National Preparedness Month is a wrap with “The Prepper Folks”

National Preparedness Month is a wrap with “The Prepper Folks”.  Join us as we fix our eyes on lawlessness, rioting and government intrusion.  Greece is in flames.  Spain is in pain.  America’s bubble is about to be burst.  From the Arab spring into an uncertain fall, will it sow a winter of discontent for the…
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September 29, 2012 0

Cerebral Preparedness – got books? Guides and resources!

For many the winter months are less hectic than the summer.  This is a good time to read-up on the prepper lifestyle and increase our knowledge.  It is said that knowledge is power and this will give us confidence as we continue living a lifestyle of preparedness.  This week Christine will continue with National Preparedness…
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September 22, 2012 0

National Preparedness Month! Personal health on “The Prepper Folks Show”

We are still focusing on National Preparedness Month.  “The Prepper Folks” have gathered some great information from various sources around the wire.  This week we are paying attention to several situations giving close attention to personal health.  This includes getting our medication ready for colder weather.  Do you have a good stock of healthy foods…
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Survivor-Jane, It’s A Disaster’s Janet Liesbch, JJ Johnson,Goat Hollow, Survival Mom, Katzcradul, Atticus9799 and more on American Preppers Radio!

National Preparedness Month September 2012. Yes it’s that time again, a month long focus on getting and being Prepared for Emergencies or just plain living. The Other Side of A Preppers Path kicks off Natl Preparedness with a round table of Preparedness Experts. King Arthur had his knights of the round table BUT we have…
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September 6, 2012 0

A Preppers Path and Furry, Feathered or Scaly Friends

Sunday: 9/18/2011 1:00pm/Central A very special show about our Furry, Feathered or Scaly Friends. I am pleased to let you know that Toni McNulty, Humanity Road Volunteer and Team Lead for Animals in Disaster/RedCrossDog

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