If you’re not OUTRAGED, you’re not paying ATTENTION

Teresa75x75Some years ago, I spotted a bumper sticker that read “If you’re not OUTRAGED, you’re not paying ATTENTION”. It was of course a statement directed towards the mechanisms of politics. It has stuck within my mind, and I believe opened my eyes a bit wider to hidden agendas I perceive to be present within that realm.

Good vs. evil 125 7252188In reading an article and following blog comments about the Connecticut shootings it became apparent that the “blame game” and “good vs. evil” are alive and well. Some say evil does not exist, just mental illness. I say if you’re going to do away with “evil” then you would have to do away with “good” as well. They represent the opposite sides of the same coin. Hot/cold, day/night, wet/dry, horizontal/vertical, thin/thick, life/death….you get my meaning. Without one the other ceases to exist. Our own individual ability to decipher the difference between the two extremes based on scripting, life experience, and perception allows each and every one of us a scale in which the gray matter falls and where we attempt “balance”. I believe that there are many physical realities or reasons on Read more “If you’re not OUTRAGED, you’re not paying ATTENTION”