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Gain your independence from grocery store dairy!

The Homestead Dairy Goat: on The Homestead Honey Hour

DSCF8443So you’ve got the garden, the laying hens, a small orchard planted, a breeding trio of meat rabbits, and maybe even a hive or two of bees. You are well on your way to growing and raising much of your own food! Great job. But let’s take it a step further: Imagine having your own supply of creamy, fresh, raw (or home-pasteurized) milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, and even ice-cream.

“No, no – I don’t have room for a cow and I don’t want to deal with large livestock”, you say.

No problem. Welcome to the world of dairy goats! Even if you are on a small acreage, chances are you CAN keep a couple of dairy goats. There are even miniature dairy goat breeds which are perfect for older couples or smaller families. Goats are far easier to take care of than cows not only in their size, but in waste management, feed, and housing requirements as well. Continue reading Gain your independence from grocery store dairy!


The Economy on The Preppers Poitin Hour!

What commodity or other economic signs or tea leaves do you monitor in the course of your prepping? Are you watching the retail price of fuel? Milk? Electricity?  Are you looking for shortages of fresh fruit? Meat? Grains?  Let us look for signs of impending crisis and decide what we will do at certain price and availability points in this episode of The Preppers’ Poitin Hour with your host Chris (Redhorse_Ronin) only on Prepper Radio at prepperbroadcasting.com. Slainte! Listen in player below.

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