The Herbal Prepper on A Preppers Path!

The Herbal Prepper on A Preppers Path!
Host: Lynna “The Other Side… A Preppers Path”
The so dubbed Prepper Movement has opened eyes in every sector of society, from wealthy to poor, the environmentalist to the throw away aficionado.  In some way each of us has or is thinking about doing things differently.  Being more prepared in one aspect or another, in looking at alternatives to what has become normal. Unless you are a stockholder in a pharmaceutical firm you are definitely interested in complementary/alternatives to high priced synthetic drugs, as well as the ongoing availability and safety of these creations. Enter the time tested herb, of which of course all medicines in their pure forms were originally derived. Thankfully with the renaissance of self-sufficiency and reliance people today are once again discovering the wonders of the herb.  The herb a simple, prolific, and cost effective remedy of the ages for all ages. Read more “The Herbal Prepper on A Preppers Path!”