The Herbal Medic, First Aid on the Street!

The Herbal Medic – First Aid on the Street in a Post-Collapse Urban Environment
Host: Sam Coffman “The Human Path”

Herbal MedicWidespread social and urban collapse is something that historically takes days, weeks, months or even years to happen. Rarely (outside of natural disaster in a confined urban area) does an urban area become complete pandemonium overnight. Leading up to more cataclysmic events like civil war, there are often protests, demonstrations, clashes between ethnic or religious groups, clashes between civilians and law enforcement or military, economic fallout, bank closures and gradual lack of a rule of law and other forms of gradually increasing social unrest. Read more “The Herbal Medic, First Aid on the Street!”


Medical emergency and medicinal garden!

Joe 64x125Amy 64x125On this episode of the Doom and Bloom hour Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy will review their Florida preparedness adventures, including a medical emergency Dr. Bones handled, from the past two weeks. Nurse Amy presents a 101 on starting a medicinal garden and a part 1 on some awesome plants to grow. Dr. Bones discusses Wilderness Wound Care, which is a must know subject.
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