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Forgetting where our meat comes from and being thankful for having it!

The MrsVilfie of The Homestead Honey Hour discusses our most natural resource for food and why to remember where it came from and to be thankful that it is there. When we harvest an animal…be it from the wild or something we have raised. We give THANKS…Thanks to the creator and thanks to the animal…
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January 10, 2013 1

Raising Chickens – What You Need to Know!

With the cost of eggs and chicken in the stores, and the uncertainty of exactly where they came from or what they have been fed, I’d like to start raising my own chickens. But unlike gardening, I know very little about chickens. I know barbecue wings with ranch dressing make a great snack. And I…
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January 4, 2013 0

The Economy on The Preppers Poitin Hour!

What commodity or other economic signs or tea leaves do you monitor in the course of your prepping? Are you watching the retail price of fuel? Milk? Electricity?  Are you looking for shortages of fresh fruit? Meat? Grains?  Let us look for signs of impending crisis and decide what we will do at certain price…
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July 10, 2012 0