Threats Post SHTF and What You Can Do About Them!

Threats Post SHTF and What You Can Do About Them

ThreatsRecently, a self proclaimed prepper from the Tacoma Washington area “Tyler Smith” was arrested after appearing on the National Geographic Channel’s Doomsday Preppers show. Tyler Smith was not singled out for being a mentally unstable gun enthusiast, nor for any other reason than breaking the law. Just what were those laws? Well, it seems that Smith is a convicted felon and for that reason is not allowed to posses firearms in any way, which he was in clear violation of on the show. To add to the matter, Smith is what is known as a marauder…a so called prepper who’s plan is not to stockpile supplies, or be able to provide for himself, but to take by force from those around him including his neighbors. Read more “Threats Post SHTF and What You Can Do About Them!”