Lights Out Saga

Lights Out Saga
Host: Tara & Common Sense Prepping
Lights OutTonight Tara & Common Sense Prepping radio show (the first episode of the new preparedness radio show) will feature Lights Out Saga executive producer Travis Fox. The independent movie series is based upon the popular book by author David Crawford.

Travis FoxThe pair of life-long preppers opted to utilize crowd funding websites to help garner funds for their labor of love, like so many independent film teams do these days. Unfortunately for Fox and Crawford, the top crowd funding website venues appear to be extremely opposed to allowing films with gun sponsors to participate. Undeterred by the shunning from liberal websites, the Lights Out Saga creators opened a crowd funding style “store” on their website and are traveling the country as cheaply as possible to attend prepper expos to muster more support for the project. The movie recently earned runner-up honors for “Best Action Sequence on a Feature Length Film” at the Action on Film International Festival. Read more “Lights Out Saga”