Lighting innovations!

Lighting innovations
Host: Destiny Survival
Lighting uv_paqlite_glow_lights_for_life_400x250When the power goes out, and it’s dark, the first thing we want is light–even before food and water. It not only helps us see, but it provides us with comfort and reassurance. Of course, you want a dependable light source. My DestinySurvival Radio guest and I talked about a unique light source for when the power’s out that gives you that UV glow.Steve Nagel of 4EverLight International, Inc., and, is this week’s guest. Way back in December of 2011 I had him on the show. If you’re curious, read about it here.


3-7-15 the_orb_mule_light_glowing_400x226Steve provided me with a couple of UV Paqlite samples then, and I bought some of the company’s little Toob Lites. I knew right away there’s a reason his company calls the UV PaqLite the amazing light. These aren’t your ordinary glow in the dark products.If you haven’t heard of UV PaqLites before, you’ll want to find out what they’re all about. If you have heard of these nifty glow in the dark items before, you’ll be interested in hearing about new innovations and new products. Either way, I think you’ll want to put some of the things Steve and I talked about in your survival kits and prepping supplies.
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