Holiday Zombies

Holiday Zombies
Author: Lynna “Other Side A Preppers Path

Holiday ZombiesZombies, persons who are or appear to be lifeless, apathetic, or totally lacking in independent judgment; automaton!  I don’t know about lifeless or apathetic but the lack of independent judgment and automaton hits the nail on the head. Holiday Zombies have risen AGAIN! Have you seen them, they are on the march…. OR have you succumbed and are in fact a Holiday Zombie?

Holiday ZombiesThe zombie has become a familiar catch word and icon in today’s world especially in the field of preparedness.  Even our government through the Department of Homeland Security uses the zombie imagery to attract the masses to the idea of becoming prepared.  Not so much to become one but to deter us from becoming the dreaded undead, mindlessly marauding with no real hope.  Since at least the early 30’s the Zombie has pervaded our society as the soldiers of the era brought back stories of their experiences in Haiti.  These stories spawned all manner of books and horror movies solidifying the Americanized view of the zombie as the walking dead. Story after story tells of a person or persons becoming a mindless alive but dead life form often under the control of someone or something else. The zombie has no real thought of its own, obeying the slightest whim of the controller. Read more “Holiday Zombies”