Hoof & Horn on the Chisholm Trail

Hoof & Horn on the Chisholm Trail
Author: By Joe B. Frantz
Host: Doug “GoatHollow”

Chisholm TrailOne hundred years ago, Texas had just come through a portion of that national death wish known as the Civil War, not so physically devastated as its confederates to the east but still neglected and bankrupt, a collection of returning losers at loose ends. Kansas had been bled almost beyond endurance, although it seemed to have some hope simply because it lay in the way of the railroad men who were trying to get across its mildly wrinkled face to the more alluring enticements nearer the Pacific ocean. Between those two states the world belonged to the Indians, a land set aside for them only because most white men thought it held no future. Read more “Hoof & Horn on the Chisholm Trail”