Conflicted The Game!

Conflicted The Game!
Host: Dave Womach “The Gun Show”

conflictedHave you ever really thought through the different scenarios you may have to face if and when the SHTF? I don’t mean simply talking about it, but rather, really truly debating the scenarios? Let me elaborate…

Imagine this scenario: You have your food storage in place, six months worth of food and water for you and your family. One of your friends comes knocking saying that his home has been ransacked, they have nothing but the clothes on their backs and they need a place to stay. Your friend has very few useful skills and taking them in would cut down your food supply timeline in half. At this time there is no way you can replenish your supplies without risking your own life in one way or another. Would you open your home and your supplies to your friend and his family or wouldn’t you? Why? Read more “Conflicted The Game!”