Desalination, Unlimited Water!

Desalination, Unlimited Water!
Host: James Walton “I Am Liberty”

Desalination Port_Stanvac_Desalination_Plant_P1000725Last week we briefly discussed the article about Texas exploring abanding oil fields and drilling holes for fresh or brackish water. In that article there was talk of a proposed desalination plant. This is the reality of water levels in Texas.

When I opened the New York Times today I was absolutely astonished to see plans for a new desalination plant in China.
“BEIJING — A coastal desalination plant planned for east of Beijing could provide a large portion of the drinking water for the parched Chinese capital by 2019, the state news media quoted officials as saying on Tuesday. The reports indicated that the government and state enterprises were investing heavily in desalination projects to alleviate a dire water shortage in northern China.” Read more “Desalination, Unlimited Water!”