Revolution of Resolution, Stocking UP #3

Revolution of Resolution, Stocking UP #3
Host: Lynna “The Other Side… A Preppers Path”

RevolutionNary a week until a new calendar replaces the one on the wall. 2014 will arrive whether we are ready or not. Media stories hoping to catch the attention, already shout the time for new Resolutions is nigh!! A time honored tradition by many to see the light and implement a new way of doing things or something. How many have made that firm decision, decided this was the year, and a New Years’ Resolution made? I dare say pretty close to all of us world-wide. This year, right now and for the continued future we will make that resolution, we will “just do it”! Sounds great but how do we resolve our resolution? The time for Revolution is here! Read more “Revolution of Resolution, Stocking UP #3”