Instincts, realizing and the uses!

Instincts TigerPrepping, realizing our natural instincts! The natural instinct to prepare, to be aware of what is happening around us is inherent in every living creature on this planet. However, man like no other living organism has the ability to modify his instinct without knowing he is doing so. Animals exist, survive, and thrive on their instincts. While man not only exists with the will to survive and thrive he also looks to consciously learn and expand the knowledge he has to better the conditions in which he lives. As man progresses his instinct regresses, replaced by the tools and toys he has created in an effort to improve his existence. Man now lives with instincts that have been modified with that which he has created leaving him with the core roots of his instincts buried within his own progress. Realizing this is the first and most important step to self reliance and self sustainability. Understanding you have hidden instincts is the first step in exercising and making them work to your advantage as they were intended.. Read more “Instincts, realizing and the uses!”