Prepper Depression!

Prepper Depression
James Walton “I Am Liberty

Prepper DepressionIts unavoidable. If you have taken on plans of preparedness or frequent survival forums you are aware. More than most people around you, you are aware of the landscape of your nation and the world. You are aware of the monsters that lurk in the shadows. You are aware of the frail systems that prop up this, the greatest, society. You have an inherent understanding of where you sit in the world and threats that face you in particular. Read more “Prepper Depression!”


Consequences of leadership!

I am liberty 125On this episode of I Am Liberty we are lucky enough to have Steven Austakalnis. Tonight is the night for questions and calls. If you have theories about decisions being made, events across the world Steven makes it his business to know the business of the world. We are in for an excellent show so you may even want to take notes.

Among the varying topics we will touch on I think it is important that we talk about what it is we can do to prepare for the consequences of our leaderships actions both at home and around the world. We are going to talk a bit about basic, cheap preps that you simply must get hands on. I would say these things will be essential in any situation. I will explain what and why before we bring the guest on.

Syria, Immigration, Russia, China and anything else you can deal with mentally will be the subject matter tonight. I want to know why heli contracts are going to Russia, why China is buying us up like we are on clearance and why we are, for the first time, taking sides in the ancient battle between Shiits and Sunni Muslims. If you have your own theories or questions, chat or call in. Just don’t miss this episode of I Am Liberty.

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