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I AM Liberty Catch Up

I AM Liberty Catch Up James Walton “I Am Liberty ” Audio player below! Hey! How’ve you been? We need a catch up show. We have had such tremendous guests on lately and there has been so much to talk about I think its time we slow things down and have some fun. I plan…
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June 7, 2018 0

Gadgets The Prepper Might Forget!

Gadgets The Prepper Might Forget! Highlander “Survival & Tech Preps” When we prep we think we have everything we need, well.. maybe not. In this episode we will be all about prepper oriented gadgets. Maybe you have forgotten a few? Here’s a chance to add them to your list, or maybe you are prepared! We shall see what all…
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June 28, 2016 0

Be creative, make it yourself!

Be creative, make it yourself! Brett Bauma “Makers On Acres” On the next episode of the Makers On Acres Tech, Build and Grow show we are going to be talking about getting creative and starting to make our own things for life.

February 14, 2016 0

Independence Day Celebration!

Independence Day Celebration! James Walton “I Am Liberty” Few holidays hold the meaning and importance of the anniversary of our Independence. Though it may be cool in some factions to pity my country and speak on how great America once was. It may be fashionable to speak America as though it were some sort of…
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July 3, 2015 0

Personal Readiness Education Programs on “A Preppers Path”!

An informative show worth the time to listen to if you missed the original broadcast. Forks in the road, which way do we go now? You are either just beginning the prepper/survival life or you’ve already achieved a level of preparedness and are beyond the basics  but when/what next?  Join Lynna on “The Other Side…A…
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December 23, 2012 0