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Gardening without Soil – Understanding Hydroponics

Gardening without Soil – Understanding Hydroponics For most people, gardening involves spending some time working the soil, adding compost or fertilizer, and planting seeds. But there are many people who don’t have the land, space, time, or physical ability to do conventional gardening. So how can they still get involved in growing their own food?…
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June 25, 2013 0

Gardening, Questions & Answers with MHPgardener

For this week’s show on Preparing to Provide, I am going to have somewhat of an open format. Unlike shows in the past where I have had guests or a designated topic, I am going to cover a broad range of questions that I receive in response to my YouTube videos. They may be related to gardening, hydroponics, or life…
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April 23, 2013 2

Gardening Questions and Answers – Open Discussion

For the past several weeks on “Preparing To Provide” we’ve spent a lot of time on raising chickens and homesteading. Well, the weather is beginning to warm up, people are starting seeds, and the folks down South are already planting. So it’s time to focus on my primary topic, gardening and growing your own food.…
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February 15, 2013 1