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Hurricanes! Mother Nature’s National Preparedness Challenge!

Hurricanes! Mother Nature’s National Preparedness Challenge! James Walton “I Am Liberty ” Audio player below! Its as though mother nature realized September was the preppers month, too! Here we are watching the Atlantic stack up with potential hurricanes and on that could be a trajectory with the East Coast. This episode should take place just…
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September 13, 2018 0

Hurricanes, Surviving and Thriving!

Hurricanes, Surviving and Thriving Forrest Garvin “The Prepping Academy” Audio player below! Hurricanes can affect everyone and no matter where you live there are things you can do to prepare for the next big one. For those that live in the areas that are prone to hurricanes and tropical storms, planning and preparedness is a…
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September 5, 2017 0

Emergency Evacuations!

Emergency Evacuations and Lisa Bedford Cat Ellis “Herbal Prepper Live” Everyone wants to know when is it time to “bug out”? Leaving too soon could cost you your job or reputation. Leaving too late could cost you your life. While every circumstance is different, Lisa gave this question its own chapter and covered the topic…
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December 7, 2015 0

Hurricane Forecast and Preparation!

Hurricane Forecast and Preparation! Aaron, Jonathan, and Jason “In The Rabbit Hole” Because it’s summer time once again. That also means it’s Hurricane season. And for us that marks a time of year we review our preps here on the Gulf. (disaster preparedness books) Now for anyone that is not in an area prone to…
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June 11, 2015 0

How Many Disasters are You Prepping For?

How Many Disasters are You Prepping For? The reason I’m asking is this: too many preppers are getting ready for TEOTWAWKI yet they don’t concern themselves with natural disasters that claim American lives each and every year. This got me thinking so I started to do a little digging to see just how prepared most…
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April 20, 2015 0

Wild Fires and Hurricanes!

Seasonal trials and tribulations visit The Other Side of a Preppers Path as Janet of FedHealth joins Lynna to shed some light on the current seasons of Wild Fire and Hurricane.  You can avert or divert some disasters, find out how. Janet and Lynna always have a rousing conversation packed full of information for anyone…
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August 11, 2013 0

Disaster Films and their relation to prepping!

On this airing of “The Other Side…A Preppers Path” We’ve been told, perhaps even read stories but do we “get” what it all really means.  Disasters’ have occurred throughout the ages, things like the Great Depression, The Dust Bowl and the Chicago Fire not to mentions hurricanes, earthquakes and many more natural disasters. The advent…
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November 26, 2012 0

Do you have a safe place to shelter?

If a disaster were to strike would you have a safe place to shelter? Do you have a plan to protect your family from whatever might come from hurricanes, tornado’s, EMP or any other disaster might come. In this episode of In Time of Disaster we will discuss what a shelter is, what they are…
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June 23, 2012 0