Camouflaged food forest!

Camouflaged food forest!
Host: Tara and Common Sense Prepping

CamouflagedSecret Garden of Survival bestselling author Rick Austin will be the guest on the next episode of Common Sense Prepping. Austin will teach the audience about the value of growing a camouflaged food forest. By following Rick’s natural gardening method, an abundance of food can be grow in a relatively small area and not attract the attention of potential hungry marauding hordes.

Rick Austin was recently featured on National Geographic’ Doomsday Castle. He taught the cast how to establish a secret food forest and the important of weeds. Yes, weeds are actually good for your garden. During the Common Sense Prepping radio show, Austin will educate the audience about the vital role weeds play in the growing process. Austin is also featured in the upcoming documentary, Beyond Off Grid. Read more “Camouflaged food forest!”