Home Security for Kids!

Home Security for Kids
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Home Security for KidsGrowing up in a typical American suburb, I remember our threats outside the front door were very different compared to today. There were some outside threats that are similar today, but not nearly as many. We could do simple, everyday things to prevent wolves from crossing the threshold and causing harm. I was raised on the cusp of the latchkey generation where both parents worked and kids were expected to fend for themselves after school until either parents got home. This came with a specific set of rules to be followed and not questioned. Read more “Home Security for Kids!”


A talk about high security, self- sufficient residences and retreats

Let’s take a look at home security. Is your home secure? Furthermore is your home location conducive to your safety regarding economical, biological or political threat? Are you living in a locale that aids you or places roadblocks in your quest for preparedness and safety? These are questions we often neglect to ask during times that appear relatively easy with peace and prosperity appearing the norm. The question? Are times really peaceful and prosperous? The reality is the probability of any number of potential threats to our safety and well being is real and growing daily.  The fact is our country is already facing a labor crisis how long till we all feel the effects on the inflow of food and other necessities? Labor crisis begets economic crisis or vice versa, your pension, investments and other guaranteed income is in question. What about natural disaster or social chaos? Does your community have the resources and plans to help you face these threats? Join The Other Side of a Preppers Path as Lynna talks with reputed speaker, author and political scientist Joel Skousen, editor of  World Affairs Brief (www.worldaffairsbrief.com.) Specializing in the philosophy of law and Constitutional theory, Joel, a highly acclaimed designer of high security, self- sufficient residences and retreats worldwide and developer of contingency retreat plans for those living in a large city has ANSWERS. Join the show, ask the hard questions and find solutions.

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