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Are Preppers Hoarders?

Are Preppers Hoarders? Highlander “Survival & Tech Preps” The question of this show is this, are preppers hoarders? Do hoarders use the prepping venue to mask their illness and cover up their hoarding ways? Or are all preppers just natural hoarders? This question is hard to answer and might bring up a few questions of…
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May 3, 2016 0

Socialist programs, and government turning on Free Markets vilifying what they call hoarders.

We have a tough fight ahead of us friends if we want to keep our way of life as a Republic. Join Deb tonight on Common Sense Prepping as she and her guest host, Sargent Dale, talk to different citizens to discuss what we can do sensibly to secure our rights as free citizens. We…
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January 25, 2013 0