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Women in Preparedness!

Women in Preparedness: Both Men & Women Need to Know Cat Ellis “Herbal Prepper Live” If you are a woman or know a woman, which should be about everyone, you’ll want to listen to this episode. Preppers are comfortable discussing blood in the context of bullet wounds or lacerations. By some bizarre sorcery, when blood is part…
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August 29, 2016 0

Another, “Ask Cat” episode on Herbal Prepper Live!

Another, “Ask Cat” episode on Herbal Prepper Live! Cat Ellis “Herbal Prepper Live” On the first Sunday of every month, I do an “Ask Cat” episode. Call in this Sunday evening with all of your natural health, herbal, and prepping questions. What kinds of questions can I ask?

August 8, 2016 0

Ask Cat the Herbal Prepper

Ask Cat Cat Ellis “Herbal Prepper Live” It’s time for another “Ask Cat” episode on Herbal Prepper Live! Call in this Sunday evening with all of your natural health, herbal, and prepping questions. Originally, I was going to talk just about hypothyroidism.

June 6, 2016 0

Herbal remedies for chat!

Herbal remedies for chat! Cat Ellis “Herbal Prepper Live” Everyone waited patiently for the show to start looking forward to Cat Ellis, host of Herbal Prepper and her guest Michael Douglas of Maine Primitive Skills School. Unfortunately due to an emergency the guest was unable to show. However as many shows may have collapsed under…
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March 21, 2016 1

Cold & Flu Season 2015

Be Ready for Cold & Flu Season 2015 Cat Ellis “Herbal Prepper Live” The cold and flu season comes around every year about this time. Kids go back to school, the weather gets cooler, the days grow shorter, and we are all inside in closed populations for most of our days. This is a breeding…
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September 20, 2015 0

Lyme Disease and Herbal Remedies!

Lyme Disease and Herbal Remedies! Cat Ellis “Herbal Prepper Live” Lyme disease is a complex disease to treat, and a painful one to live with. Just mention Lyme, and watch people’s faces as they react. Lyme disease is painful, can cause confusion and fatigue, and it can kill any attempt to focus. Worse than that,…
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June 14, 2015 0

Stings and Bites and Herbal Remedies!

Stings and Bites and Herbal Remedies! Host: Cat Ellis “Herbal Prepper Live” After a long, cold, and wet winter, spring has finally arrived here in New England. I finally have violets, dandelion, and plantain popping up in my lawn. The sun is warm, the comfrey and peppermint are already thriving, and my elderberry and rose…
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May 17, 2015 0

Accidents Happen

Accidents Happen Host: Cat Ellis “Herbal Prepper Live” Scenario 1 You’re strong, fit, capable of lifting heavy trash bins overhead into dumpsters in a single swoop. What’s this? Shooting pain? You twisted your spine in just such a way that you have managed to injure a disk. It’s now bulging, and your dealing with shooting…
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November 9, 2014 0

Pandemics and Prepping!

Pandemics and Prepping! Host: Cat Ellis “Herbal Prepper Live” The MERS coronavirus has made its first appearance in the US. Ebola is still on the move in West Africa. Somewhat less nerve-wracking is the mosquitos-borne Chikungunya virus which is now in the Caribbean. New strains of Influenza virus develop each year. And the World Health…
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May 10, 2014 0

End of the World Advise from “Billy Bob Blogger”

I ran across a “Blog Page” this morning where someone was predicting the End of the World, and lamenting how you will be suffering because you won’t even be able to find the most rudimentary over the counter medicines at your local pharmacy.  They went on to suggest a bunch of herbal remedies, as substitutes…
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August 31, 2013 2

When Help is NOT on the Way

On today’s Doom and Bloom Hour, Sunday June 16, 2013, with Nurse Amy and Dr. Bones we discuss an exciting announcement! Our Second Edition has just been released! The new title is ” The Survival Medicine Handbook : When Help is NOT on the Way.” Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy discuss asthma at length, including…
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June 16, 2013 0

Dr Bones and Nurse Amy on Aj’s Prep Talk!

On This airing of Aj’s Prep Talk Aj will be talking about the medical side of prepping. We will hear from special guests Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy. They have a youtube channel; a web site called Doom and Bloom and has written several articles and books.  Dr. Bones is an M.D. as well as…
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August 20, 2012 0

Mr. and MrsNewAmericaNow! All things herbal.

Mr. and MrsNewAmericaNow! Our conversation last week was a lively hour and a half of informative talk about all things herbal!  We’ll be continuing that conversation tonight, so get your pencil and paper ready to jot down lots of timely tips for preppers!!! Listen to show below. Listen to internet radio with American Preppers Radio…
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March 21, 2012 0