Herbal Antibiotics!

Herbal Antibiotics
Host: Cat Ellis “The Herbal Prepper Live

Herbal Antibiotics Herbal Prepper Live150When antibiotics were introduced in the 1940’s, many in the medical world believed that humans had finally conquered bacterial infections. Once serious infections were now treated easily with just a few pills. It was a great achievement of modern medicine.

Herbal Antibiotics GermsBacteria, it turns out, are more resilient than anyone ever expected. They possess unique and efficient methods of adapting, resisting, and communicating that resistance to other bacteria. The bacteria not only develop resistance to one antibiotic, but seem to also anticipate future attacks from different antibiotics. Bacteria are sharing survival information. This has given rise to a so-called, “Superbugs” that resist even the strongest antibiotic drugs known to man.

Antibiotic resistance comes from overuse of antibiotics, as well as low-dose applications of antibiotics. Both conditions run rampant in the Industrial Farming model. Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) could not operate without the use of antibiotics to accommodate for the filth these animals live in, as well as their low-dose use to “fatten” the animals. Read more “Herbal Antibiotics!”


Herbal Antibiotics, Post-Disaster

Herbal Antibiotics for a Post-Disaster Environment
Host: Sam Coffman “The Human Path”

AntibioticsBacterial infections are some of the most difficult of infections to deal with, especially in a remote or post-disaster situation. Aside from the continual evolution of antibiotic resistant bacteria, unless you are a trained medical professional you may not even have access to antibiotics. On the other hand, even if you do have access, you may not have the training to use them properly, know which antibiotics to use for what types of infections, recognize dangerous side effects and allergic reactions or know correct dosages to avoid creating a super-infection. For these reasons alone, it is highly advisable to begin learning about how to deal with bacterial infections using medicinal plants. Read more “Herbal Antibiotics, Post-Disaster”