Re-Inventing the Wheel? – The Have More Plan

Re-Inventing the Wheel? – The Have More Plan
Host: Lynna “A Preppers Path

Re-Inventing the Wheel? – A review of The Have More Plan

PlanNo need to re-invent the wheel, since time began man has endeavored to advance and prepare for life. Preppers, homesteaders, survivalists or whatever label you choose all have much in common. Becoming self-reliant, secure and prepared has for decades been the banner taken up by countless people. This path or gauntlet has been and is still full of pitfalls and follies all too easy to fall victim to. Today, many with a mind to preparedness and self-reliance tend to become so engrossed with what we are doing often we believe it is all a new concept, spinning our wheels attempting to re-invent what has already been learned and done. The roadmap to self-sufficiency has been plotted. Technology has advanced making changes to much of what and how we do things, so life has changed but there is no need to feel you are on uncharted ground. Read more “Re-Inventing the Wheel? – The Have More Plan”