Christmas Music From Gman & Prepper Broadcasting!

Christmas Music From GmanChristmas Music From Gman & Prepper Broadcasting!

Christmas music is going to start off tonights broadcasts. Everyone has moments during Christmas. Moments of thoughts in memories of those loved and needing love. This is my moment and it has covered me in the warmest of feelings I would like to share with this music. If I could I would not stop the tears, I am grateful for what I have and need no more but the want that you and yours have what you wish for this Christmas. I hope you enjoy the music for this early broadcast tonight. Wishing everyone the greatest of Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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Be grateful homesteading and prepping is a GOOD idea!

With Thanks Giving just around the corner and events like Hurricane Sandy  and the earthquake in BC just behind us..Now is a good time to reflect on How grateful we are to be homesteaders and preppers! Let’s face it folks..when it comes right down to it..there are a LOT of people out there who continue to bow their heads over their ipods and smart phones..and not SEE that with each natural disaster and each economic down turn that the world is not kind to those unprepared. You don’t have to be a genius to see the proverbial ” Writing on the wall.”  But some people REFUSE to see it. We Cannot help those who do not choose to believe that homesteading and prepping is a GOOD idea..and many of us won’t be ABLE to help very many when the next disaster matter how much we may want to. So on this broadcast of The Homestead Honey Hour let’s take the time to talk about gratitude! Because we have SO MUCH to be grateful for! What are YOU grateful for in your life today?

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