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Predicting The Future!

Predicting The Future! Forrest & Kyle “The Prepping Academy” Audio in player below! Welcome to “The Preppig Academy.” This program in the player below is all about the future. That’s right, Forrest and Kyle predict the future. Well, kind of; you’ll have to stay alive and listen next year to see if they were right!

January 7, 2017 0

Relevant Information with Future Danger!

Relevant Information with Future Danger DJ Cooper “Surviving Dystopia” On this weeks episode of Surviving Dystopia – Join Author DJ Cooper as she welcomes Future Dan of the preparedness-oriented website FutureDanger.com. A website dedicated to bringing the preparedness community up to date and relevant information. A great resource for

June 23, 2016 0

Time Travel with Tech Preps!

Time Travel Highlander “Tech Preps” Last week we talked about the “what if”, if we brought technology back to our recent past and our distance past on how people would react. This episode we will delve more into the time travel aspect, is it possible? Is it a bad idea? Should we do it to…
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November 10, 2015 0

Blast from the Past in Technology!

Blast from the Past! Highlander “Tech Preps” This Episode we will talk about what I refer to as the Prometheus effect, if we were to bring technology back in time, what would people think? Prometheus, meaning “forethought”)[1] is a Titan in Greek mythology, best known as the deity in Greek mythology who was the creator…
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November 3, 2015 0

Prepper Depression!

Prepper Depression James Walton “I Am Liberty” Its unavoidable. If you have taken on plans of preparedness or frequent survival forums you are aware. More than most people around you, you are aware of the landscape of your nation and the world. You are aware of the monsters that lurk in the shadows. You are…
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July 31, 2015 0

Cruel Summer in America!

Cruel Summer in America James Walton “I Am Liberty” Can we turn back from the road we are on. That is the question we all posit on a daily basis. As we look over that long term food storage online, we think of our bank account and we think of the gamble that is the American…
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July 17, 2015 0

“The Road Less Traveled” Initial Outing

“The Road Less Traveled” Initial Outing Host: Gary and Brenna “The Road Less Traveled” Welcome to our initial outing on “The Road Less Traveled.” On this first excursion airing Saturday 1/25/2014 9:00pm/Est. 8:00pm/Ct. 6:00pm/Pt. we’ll introduce ourselves and discuss our expected encounters along “The Road” as we progress from week to week. We’ll discuss our origins,…
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January 24, 2014 0

What you perceive as reality may merely be an illusion.

Remember when you believed notions like, my government has my best interest at heart, the food in my grocery store is safe to eat, what’s reported on network news is the truth, my nest-egg is secure in the bank,  the medical/pharmacological industries care about my health, or that it really mattered if you were a…
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