Best Teacher in Life is Life Itself~

Best Teacher in Life is Life Itself~
Host: Denob “The Prepared Canadian”

teacherThere is no better teacher in life than life itself. What I mean by this is that actual hands on experience is the best way to gain knowledge and skill sets that you may need. Sure, we can read up about something in books, over the internet, and even ask our friends and neighbors, but getting your hands dirty, so to speak, is the best way to practice that which is being preached to us.

TeacherThat being said, I am going to take a much different approach this week. Instead of picking a topic such as water purification, or composting, or alternative energy and rambling on for the better part of an hour, I’m instead going to share some of my experiences with you on a range of subjects that I’ve actually gotten into in recent history.

A big part of my prepping recently has been centered around communications. Read more “Best Teacher in Life is Life Itself~”