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Winterization Part 2

Winterization Part 2
Host: Lynna “The Other Side A Preppers Path”

WinterizationNo matter where you reside North, South, East or West as the world turns so does our local climate and being prepared for these changes large or small saves time and money. Locally the first real snow of the season blanketed the landscape revealing a ghostly elegance and accentuating the timing of the paths of winterizing our cars and ourselves, learning and/or reminding ourselves of those things we can and should do to insulate ourselves from the change of seasons. Just because you may not face snow or freezing temperatures doesn’t mean you don’t need to winterize and be aware. Understanding the importance of developing knowledge and the ability to implement it is an ongoing skill. The change of season turns on the light, flips our switch, so to speak reminding us that being prepared creates a life full of peace and power. Continue reading Winterization Part 2