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Best Free Preps!

Best Free Preps!
Highlander “Survival and Tech Preps

Best Free Preps!This is all about those free preps you might not have known you can get for… well free! What about all those different items that you can reuse for prepping? Not only the reuse but also what we can do to make a little extra money for our prepping needs. The need for preps can really have an impact on our wallet when we are on Continue reading Best Free Preps!


Cooking Without Power!

Cooking Without Power!
Host: Lynna “The Other Side… A Preppers Path”

CookingMost of us are always looking for alternatives to the grid and resources that are inexpensive or free. There are all sorts of gadgets out there mixed in with some really inventive, efficient and renewable products and solutions.

Who hasn’t been sitting in a car, windows up, on a winter day and become overheated from the sun pouring in the window. It has always amazed me how much heat is generated from reflection of the sun’s rays alone. There really ought to be a way to harness this incredible free power source to benefit us all…. Yes I know the Solar Industry was born long ago, but until recently the real potential of this resource hasn’t really been touched. Continue reading Cooking Without Power!


Preppers shying away from fitness!

I am Liberty4-19 2I am liberty 125Since we didn’t get to touch on fitness last week tonight we will go deep and discuss the importance of fitness in your toolbag. It’s not just about the physical conditioning!

You know how there are certain issues in life we shy away from? We all deal with at least one pertinent issue that we run from like bubonic plague. For preppers I would have to say its fitness.

The guns, the gardens, the gear is all fair game. I ask tonight that you do not shield yourself with a gun. I believe our country will slowly erode. Society is slowly washing away before our eyes. The waves of hate, economics, and war have been beating our shores for decades. Trouble will crop up and you may not have your gun. How comfortable do you feel about running? How about running for your life?

The bests part about fitness is it can be free and effective. Too often I hear from people who want to get prepared but have no money. Well, drop and give me 10. There is nothing more valuable than your health. Take control tonight on I Am Liberty.

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Working a budget and trying to prep! Want some free help?

If you are like most people, including myself, prepping is a daunting task and to do it on limited and for some no money may seem impossible. Here is an opportunity to increase your stock in the pantry with some very nice products for FREE while getting some great advice and tips on prepping. This will be a terrific way to get started or give a big boost to what you already have.

With the help of the ladies of The Homestead Honey Hour we have put together a giveaway that can help you stock your pantry and cost you nothing but a half hour of your time listening to an interview with another Prepper and being the first with the correct answer to a Prepper related question to win prizes.

What are the odds of winning? Pretty darn good! This is not the lotto where odds may be millions to one and cost you to play. The fact is the odds are great; here is an opportunity to also learn from other Preppers and have some fun while listening to the show.

Tomorrow night, on American Preppers Radio we will be airing our regular episode of “The Homestead Honey Hour”.  The ladies of this informative show have graciously agreed to do an interview with Chris of preparewise.com. Chris is a down to earth Prepper and will discuss how he got started and what he does to prepare.

Check out the links below for details on the prizes we will be giving away then join us tomorrow night *9:00pm/Est. *8:00pm/Ct *7:00pm/Mt *6:00pm/Pt.  on American Preppers Radio for The Homestead Honey Hour.

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