Dinner at the White House Anyone?

Dinner At The White HouseHave you ever heard of the White House Correspondents Association (WHCA)? If we can take a look at when this event started (1914) under progressive “President Woodrow Wilson” you would see it was to start having monthly White House briefings to bring the media under there wings, and befriend them. The idea was so that certain information wouldn’t get leaked out about the actions of our government. In 1920 they decided to start making it a dinner, the White House Correspondents Dinner or party to have a good time and let loose.

Dinner At The White HouseMost American’s have heard of the dinner but don’t really know the meaning behind it. This is one of the reasons why we are not getting the truth from CNN, FOX, MSNBC, CBS, left wing, & right wing media sources like Media Matters, and the Huffington Post. They’re all at the party and we haven’t been invited. Even Hollywood got an invitation and your favorite musician is there The global elite men and women of power and influence all have a seat at this dinner table. They have fun every year when the White House calls. Fun times for all.

Dinner At The White HouseOn this weeks Charlie in the Box radio show I will explain how our government officials can get away with hiding things in plain site and the media won’t make a big fuss about it. Remember when Barney Frank had a gay prostitution ring out of his Washington D.C apartment or that entertainers, like Lady Gaga have hidden life styles. If you knew some truth about these people and others like, you may not want to follow, listen to the music or watch the video’s anymore. America, the truth shall set you free; take some time to listen to your boy for another addition of the Charlie in the Box radio show on prepper broadcasting network!

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The Simpsons and Fox, their take on Preppers facing the end of the world!

Fox entertains us with their version of Preppers last night on “The Simpsons”. While their representation was not far from the version that main stream media or National Geographic’s “Doomsday Preppers” portrays a Prepper to be it did make this Prepper smile, even laugh. In my humble opinion they were a little closer to the mark.

imagesWhat disturbs me is the reference to Preppers preparing only for cataclysmic events such as the E.M.P.  that swept through Spring Field. This is a possibility that could face any town or even an entire portion of the United States. It has happened and will happen again. Fortunately, as in last night’s episode of The Simpsons it lasted only a few days. What if it lasted a few weeks or a few months? If it had Homer and his family probably would have been better off staying with the misfit group he belonged to.

I suppose my biggest objection was Homer’s group Read more “The Simpsons and Fox, their take on Preppers facing the end of the world!”