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Foraging and Planting Wild Food!

Foraging and Planting Wild Food!
Host: Sam Coffman “The Human Path”

ForagingWould you like to learn some high-calorie and high-nutrition value plants you can plant in your own yard so that they can grow in a semi-wild environment?

Join Sam Coffman and Mark Vorderbruggen (Meriwether) in tonight’s podcast as they discuss wild foods that have enough nutritional value to sustain you during times when there may not be any other source of food, or at any time that you wish to eat a more nutritionally dense diet. Continue reading Foraging and Planting Wild Food!

Wild Edibles with Tim MacWelch Part II

Four Seasons of Wild Edibles with Tim MacWelch Part II
Host: James Walton “I Am Liberty

Tim MacWelch downloadWould you like a copy of “Prepare For Anything” ? Here’s your chance on this edition of I Am Liberty. We only made it into two seasons on our show last week with Tim MacWelch. There was some incredible talk about processing acorns and also some very necessary warning for those who are going out into the woods to give the foraging thing a shot. I highly recommend you listen to Part I of our adventure before tuning into Part II. Not only for your health and wellness but because of the fact that we had great conversation and solid knowledge on a great topic.

Would you have ever imagined spring being a killer season? We talked about Tim’s ancestry and how the Powhatan Indians’ most challenging times came in spring before the food really became substantial. Continue reading Wild Edibles with Tim MacWelch Part II

Foraging Wild Food for the Prepper

Foraging Wild Food for the Prepper!
Host: Sam Coffman “The Human Path

ForagingThis Tuesday, Sam Coffman talks with Dr. Mark “Merriweather” Vorderbruggen, the creator and host of the highly informative website: Foraging Texas – http://www.foragingtexas.com/.

Mark shares his expertise in the world of foraging wild plants for food, and the two of them discuss some of the main points to be aware of relating to eating wild foods. First, they talk about the realities of nutrition with wild foods and the amazing nutrient density that wild foods give us. They also discuss the realities of getting enough calories from wild foods from day to day. There are a lot of misunderstandings about obtaining enough calories from wild foods without being able to store from season to season, and this is highly valuable information for the prepper. Continue reading Foraging Wild Food for the Prepper

Foraging Wild Edibles!

Wild ediblesThere is food all around you and you don’t even know it. You have heard this at least 10 times on prepped forums or in articles. We’ll who has the time to learn and identify all of the edible weeds, leaves, nuts and what have you’s. I may have the answer for you.

Identifying a forest is a big job. Some things look like other things. Some tasty things look like deadly things! Again the question. Between job, kids, and other responsibilities who has the time to start studying trees?

Now let’s imagine that you guys do as I say. Let’s imagine you actually go out and forage for some delicious wild edibles. Now they are sprawled all over your kitchen table. On this episode of I Am Liberty I will put on my chef hat and tell you not only how to use them but how to turn them into somethings special.

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We are prepared and no one goes hungry on the mountain!

Teresa75x75I was asked if I would write an article on “Prepping and Self-Reliance in Northern Idaho”. I laughed and replied, “But I can’t write!” However, truth be told, writing is one of my many passions. Mushroom hunting is another. I love being out in the great outdoors…exploring, treasure hunting, taking in the fresh air and all the beauty that abounds here in the mountainous regions of North Idaho.

House outside 2 100x100 1219121431aThis year marks the 18th winter at my current location, roughly 2400 ft. elevation, a driveway that is 8/10ths of a mile long and 13% grade in spots. Getting down the hill? No problem, getting back up the hill…this time of year there’s always a silent prayer at the base of the mountain. In the winter of 96-97 the driveway resembled the Olympic Luge Run, seriously, eight foot walls of compact snow and absolutely NO room for error. Here, being prepared is Continue reading We are prepared and no one goes hungry on the mountain!