20’s Country, Folk, & Jazz Music Special

20’s Country, Folk, & Jazz Music Special
Host: Prepper Broadcasting

Country When theLevy Breaks 300x300If you like old style Country, Folk, Bluegrass  music the way it was, how it was played many years ago then we have a treat for you. Tonight on Prepper Broadcasting we are going back in time, a time before you were born, maybe even before your mom and dad were born. We are going back to the 1920’s to listen to some great hits from long ago.

Many of these songs have survived the ages being re-recorded by others over the generations. Tonight we are going to play many of these songs as they were recorded by the original artists.

Country jimmy_davis_image-150x150Have you ever heard of Kansas Joe McCoy and Memphis Minnie? A peculiar detail about Chicago Blues legend Joe McCoy is that he had a lot of stage names. Best known as Kansas Joe McCoy, he also performed and recorded as Georgia Pine Boy, Hallelujah Joe, Hillbilly Plowboy and Mud Dauber, to name just a few. Joe was married for a time to blues guitar great Memphis Minnie (who’s real name was Lizzie Douglas) and they made this classic record When The Levee Breaks together in 1929. This song was much later recorded by Led Zeppelin. Listen to the timeless original, hot off the 78RPM vinyl tonight. Read more “20’s Country, Folk, & Jazz Music Special”