Surviving through a Financial Collapse

Surviving through a Financial Collapse
Host: Sam Coffman “The Human Path”

Financial CollapseThis week, Sam Coffman interviews Fernando Ferfal Aguirre, author of the highly acclaimed book, “Surviving the Economic Collapse.” Fernando lives in Buenos Aires and survived with his family through the sever financial collapse in Argentina near the turn of the millennia. During that time, citizens’ access to their own money in banks was severely limited – reaching as low as $200 per week allowed in bank account withdrawals – and the infrastructure of the country collapsed in many areas as well. Security was a huge concern as theft and looting skyrocketed.

Meanwhile, banks still expected their payments for loans and people still had to try to work or find work that would support them and their family enough to get through the crisis. Fernando shares his experiences with this period and how he and his neighbors got through the security and financial crises that loomed in front of them on a daily basis for over a full year. Read more “Surviving through a Financial Collapse”



Devil8-2skeptical-method-by-amySo what if nothing ever happens? What if all that we do is for nil? Of course in the long run we will all save money and live better lives. Tonight on I Am Liberty I want to be the skeptic. I would love for you folks to prove me wrong. I want to question everything. I think this will be a great avenue for the I Am Liberty faithful to show their awareness on the issues. So tonight I ask you, those who have invested time and money into these concerns, to prove your knowledge.

The financial collapse, Monsanto, Big Pharma, civil unrest, martial law, chem trails the NWO all of it is on the soapbox tonight and I am going to be the advocate for it. Can you bring a compelling case against them and maybe inform the listeners on what you know. Of course I won’t be able to hold back my sarcasm and cynicism when touching on some of these subjects. That’s just me.

The fact is this is the healthy thing to do. Too much information without argument can weaken your mind. Sometimes you need opposition to reignite that desire and drive. It’s just as important to stay current with the issues as it is to get behind them and drive to out due them. Let’s talk the what ifs tonight on I Am Liberty!
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