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Fall Food Preservation!

Fall Food Preservation
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Fall Food PreservationThat smell is in the Its also getting colder, bacteria, flies and the like are getting slower and less prolific. On the East coast Fall is an incredible time of the year with apples to be picked, cider to be had and horror flicks to be watched. Who could ask for anything more, not to mention archery season opens up! There are some standard preparations that should be taken at this time of the year Continue reading Fall Food Preservation!


Fall for Planting Trees?

Fall for Planting Trees?

Fall for Planting TreesThe other day, my husband and I loaded up the kids and took a trip to the local farm supply store. Our objective was to get feed for the goats and sheep, and the chickens, as well as a few heat bulb for our adolescent chickens. As we approached, we saw some of the trees that were left Continue reading Fall for Planting Trees?


Fall & Winter Gardening, food & medicine

Fall & Winter Gardening, food & medicine!
Host: Sam Coffman

winterDepending on where you live in the USA, the time is upon us (and even a little past) for planting fall gardens. Sam Coffman talks through a myriad of subjects regarding growing our own food. Do you know how to properly prepare your garden soil? How about water? What if your supply of water was cut off? Would you still be able to keep your garden watered?

On The Human Path Sam steps through several water conservation methods in gardening, and then covers another very important topic: Composting. There are many ways to get your garden soil to the point it needs to be, to grow abundant food and water. Vermiculture, black soldier fly larvae and other insect life in the garden can be essential to keeping the soil fit.

WinterWhat are a few common tips for keeping the plant predators (insect and animal herbivory) at bay? How well to rabbits and chickens fit into the mix of a healthy garden and why? And what about folks who have no place to grow food? Is it possible to grow enough to live on using vertical gardening in the middle of the city?

Sam talks about some of his own experiences with flat vs. forest gardening and some of the positives and negatives behind both of those concepts, as well as what a forest garden is. Finally, heirloom vs. hybrid seeds, seed preparation, plant choices and guerilla gardening are topics for everyone, but especially those living in urban areas as another way to grow abundant food with less effort.

The end goal is to learn to work within the cycles and ecosystems you live in, in a manner that gives you the most return for the least amount of effort and time if possible.

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