End of the World Advise from “Billy Bob Blogger”

Author:  Doug Carlsten
Doug Carlsten

I ran across a “Blog Page” this morning where someone was predicting the End of the World, and lamenting how you will be suffering because you won’t even be able to find the most rudimentary over the counter medicines at your local pharmacy.  They went on to suggest a bunch of herbal remedies, as substitutes to prescription, and over the counter drugs.  It became painfully obvious to me that they hadn’t really done their homework.  I love how people like to do a little research here on the internet… Declare themselves an expert, spew forth a bunch of crap, and the so called “Enlightened” follow their advice without question. (Who are the “Sheeple” and who aren’t?)  

end-of-the-world-2Well… I’m not predicting the end of days just yet.  I try to shy away from dire doomsday predictions of anarchy and mayhem.  I will say however that every time I go to the grocery store, it’s painfully obvious, that despite what the talking heads on CNN are telling us, the Economy just isn’t getting any better.  Some 47 million Americans are on food stamps.  Millions upon millions of us are either unemployed, have given up looking for a decent job, or trying to make do with a part time paycheck.  Will the Economy crash?  Will it slide off into a “Depression” that might make the 1930’s look like kindergarten?  Will Doomsday happen?  These are things that YOU have to decide for yourself, but I can tell you that (Even today)… Far too many Americans are having to make decisions about whether to buy their monthly prescriptions —- or food to eat. Read more “End of the World Advise from “Billy Bob Blogger””


Rabbits and HAM: Food and Commo for the End of the World!

One of the 8-28Rabbits2simplest ways to prepare for disaster is to buy and stock up on ready-made foods and gear. There is nothing wrong with this unless it is your only strategy or unless you are only interested in being able to survive for a week or two. However, during any kind of disaster that might last weeks, months or indefinitely, it is necessary to have a longer-term plan. This involves sustainable food and sustainable, effective communications.

The most i8-28Rabbits3important thing to remember about long-term prepping is that there is a point where skills actually start to trump gear. Nobody can live indefinitely off of nothing but supplies if there are no skills to allow for sustainable resources. In the case of food, this realistically should include meat. Sustainable meat is very easy to provide in a number of ways, but one of the easiest and most convenient for the prepper is backyard rabbits.

Just like sustaina8-28Commo1ble food, the prepper also should be concerned with sustainable communications. That is, not only radio systems that work and have range, but also are powered by a sustainable, off-grid power source. If you could only choose one type of radio to become involved with as a prepper, learn about and operate, it should probably be HAM or amateur radio.

Join Sam Coffman on The Human Path in today’s broadcast as he explains some tips and tricks for back yard rabbits as a sustainable food source, and also discusses various forms of post-disaster communication to include amateur radio.

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The Simpsons and Fox, their take on Preppers facing the end of the world!

Fox entertains us with their version of Preppers last night on “The Simpsons”. While their representation was not far from the version that main stream media or National Geographic’s “Doomsday Preppers” portrays a Prepper to be it did make this Prepper smile, even laugh. In my humble opinion they were a little closer to the mark.

imagesWhat disturbs me is the reference to Preppers preparing only for cataclysmic events such as the E.M.P.  that swept through Spring Field. This is a possibility that could face any town or even an entire portion of the United States. It has happened and will happen again. Fortunately, as in last night’s episode of The Simpsons it lasted only a few days. What if it lasted a few weeks or a few months? If it had Homer and his family probably would have been better off staying with the misfit group he belonged to.

I suppose my biggest objection was Homer’s group Read more “The Simpsons and Fox, their take on Preppers facing the end of the world!”