Making Your Pet Part of Your Disaster Preparedness!

Making Your Pet Part of Your Disaster Preparedness!
Author: Lukas Nicholson

PetYou’ve got your family emergency plans, you’ve reinforced your home security, all your disaster kits are created and in the places they need to be. You have everything covered, and you are doing great for even something as far as a zombie apocalypse. But did any of those plans incorporate a pet?

Some of you might already have it covered, and others might be freaking out that they forgot such a thing! No matter what though, there might be something you missed when it comes to having some disaster plans ready that involve your pets. Pets may not always be the highest on the totem pole when it comes to making sure they are safe with the rest of the family as a concern too, but they should still be important, and often planning ahead of time will save you a lot of problems when a situation does occur. Read more “Making Your Pet Part of Your Disaster Preparedness!”