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Low Tech Prepping!

Low Tech Prepping Highlander “Survival & Tech Preps” Electricity is a great thing, until it is no more. We get so used to having light at a flick of a switch. But what happens when those lights go out? On Survival and Tech Preps we have talked about high tech vs low tech in previous shows,…
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March 1, 2016 0

Electricity & backup power options!

Electricity and backup power options. Brett Bauma “Makers On Acres” Living in today’s age we are almost completely reliant on electricity from the grid to power our homes and devices. Many people in today’s world are scared of electricity and don’t truly know the fundamentals

February 7, 2016 0

Life Hacks When Technology Fails

Life Hacks When Technology Fails Us Highlander “Tech Preps” If you missed this show last week your not alone. Because of technical difficulties we all did. Tonight we give it another go. Thanks for your patients. When Technology fails us, when the power goes out, when stuff breaks, what do we do? Who do we…
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August 3, 2015 0

Nitty Griddy EMP

Nitty Griddy EMP Host: Jackie “Apocalypse Nana” There are several different reasons and scenarios that could drive us back to the stone age. You could be tired of life heartbroken, in debt, just all around tired of the way things are run and suddenly you vanish. You pack what you need, find a decent piece of land…
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April 23, 2015 0

Power, Living Without!

Power, Living Without  Host: Denob “The Prepared Canadian” Let’s face it, our power grid is unreliable.  In the face of disaster, it’s almost inevitably the first system of support we lose.  Even with relatively minor incidents such as snow storms or moderate wind, the electricity goes out, leaving us in the dark, with no refrigeration, heat,…
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October 19, 2013 0

Prepping Unplugged Challenge!

This challenge is to show how prepared we all really are? We are asking people to live off-grid for 48 hours 1st Prize $600 and Tactical Gear from www.esstac.com 2nd Prize $200 + Global Sun Oven 3rd Prize $100 + $100 Lemans Card 4th Prize $125 + Waterbob 5th Prize $100 + WonderBox This challenge…
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May 10, 2013 2

Power! What you can do to get by during an emergency situation.

This week on The Prepared Canadian, we’ll take a look at power.  No, not the political type, but how t have enough power to get by during an emergency situation.  A simple inverter, a few extension cords, some rechargeable batteries along with some common sense and power saving tips will get you through most of…
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April 26, 2013 0

Coping if energy sources suddenly disappeared!

By Doug: Prepping With Goat Hollow It’s been estimated that the modern family’s dependence on fossil fuels, is equivalent to having around 100 human slaves living in your basement.  To replace the energy we use in our modern lives, those slaves would have to toil for us, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.…
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July 11, 2012 0

The Economy on The Preppers Poitin Hour!

What commodity or other economic signs or tea leaves do you monitor in the course of your prepping? Are you watching the retail price of fuel? Milk? Electricity?  Are you looking for shortages of fresh fruit? Meat? Grains?  Let us look for signs of impending crisis and decide what we will do at certain price…
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July 10, 2012 0

Preparing for the loss of electricity!

The Prepper Folks Hour was an hour of power with guest William.  William is an electrical engineer with 33 years experience in the electric power industry.  We talked about how to prepare for the loss of electricity.  We also discussed what can cause electrical outages, how some outages can be prevented and what you need…
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June 24, 2012 0