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Dealing with the elderly and the disabled

Dealing with the elderly and the disabled Micheal Kline “Reality Check” Audio player below! In this show EK is back to discuss the elderly and the disabled members of your group and why they are a vital component. Many preppers out there have the mindset that the weak, old, or infirmed are going to have to…
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September 30, 2017 0

Taking Care of Elderly during SHTF

Taking Care of Elderly during SHTF Highlander “Survival & Tech Preps“ Audio in player below! I’ve listened to the debates on taking care of the elderly and it never seems to end on a good note. The main argument being that you are fast as your slowest link. This is being quite frank and it…
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April 25, 2017 0

Special Needs Prepping!

Special Needs Prepping DJ Cooper “Surviving Dystopia” What do I mean by special needs? I mean anything that can be a need for a member of your family or group that may not be considered under the “normal” needs we prepare for. This past weekend when I kept trying to write this show information I…
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March 31, 2016 0

Survival Triage & More!

Survival Triage & More!  Host: Dr. Bones & Nurse Amy “The survival Medicine Hour” In this episode of the Doom and Bloom Survival Medicine Hour, Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy (Joe Alton, M.D. and Amy Alton, A.R.N.P.) discuss Ticks and Lyme Disease, Triage in survival settings, care of the elderly, tea tree essential oil, and…
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June 16, 2014 0