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Dr. Jean Dodds on health care for your pets!

Welcome to The Pet Prep Radio Show! Once again, we have another terrific show as my friend, Dr. Jean Dodds, DVM returns to the Show for another really informative hour as we discuss vital information about many serious issues regarding Heartworm, Fleas, Food Sensitivity and Itchy Skin Problems in Dogs! Known for her great knowledge…
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August 20, 2013 0

Our other friends, the effects of Rabies Vaccination!

Esteemed and World Renowned Veterinarian, Dr. Jean Dodds joins Sheri, “The Organic Pet Lady” this week on Pet Prep Radio! Dr. Jean is known for her work with: “The Rabies Challenge Fund”; Founding “Hemopet” (The First Blood Bank for Pets) and “Nutri-Scan”(a food sensitivity test for pets), just to name a couple of her accomplishments.…
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July 16, 2013 0