Do It Yourself & The Prepper Lifestyle

Do It Yourself & The Prepper Lifestyle
By: Lynna

Do It YourselfSaving headache, time and money, DIY (do it yourself) boon or disaster? Necessity is of course the mother of invention and never more so than when you’re home alone and something breaks. The ensuing crisis can escalate into a full scale disaster in a matter of moments or be a long drawn out aggravation waiting for repair. To top it off the economics of calling someone else in can create its own disaster in your budget and privacy, two very important items in living prepared. Then again we all have a story about how we or another close to us was going to fix that and save a ton, except that….yep in the long run it cost double or more to repair the repair. So as preppers what do we do? Living on a single income or a reduced one often stops us from calling the repairman, it’s just not in the budget but that faucet is leaking and it’s the hot water to boot, or the toilet keeps running, the blinds need to be hung, that hole in the drywall is growing daily (sure wish I hadn’t pushed the corner of the table into it), life moves on and things happen, they break down or we break them. Read more “Do It Yourself & The Prepper Lifestyle”