The Grand Jury on The Gun Show!

Grand Jury on The Gun Show!
Host: David Womach “The Gun Show”

Grand Jury2014… a new year, new fears! Our political system is OUT OF CONTROL. The republicans suck, democrats suck, and libertarians and the tea party are getting zero traction for the past 20 years.

So how can we move forward, take our country back, and not have to fire a single shot? It’s called the Grand Jury. Meet Ken Barker, the Commanding Officer of Neighborhood Emergency Action Response team. He’s quickly becoming an authority on the subject.

Dating back to 1100 A.D. in England, and expired here in the United States around 1963. The media came onto TV and said The People don’t need the Grand Jury anymore. The government said everything is running so smoothly, that they’re not needed anymore. Read more “The Grand Jury on The Gun Show!”