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When We Default China Will Understand!

When We Default China Will Understand!
Host: Charlie “Charlie in the Box

ChinaOut of all the countries that the United State government could have made a deal with, it had to be china? What the hell were they thinking? First of all they are a communist country that oppresses there citizen’s. No free press, tightly controlled internet and all power is to the state. They think of their citizens as cattle, a piece of meat to do whatever with they want. If one of their citizen’s commits a crime and the punishment is death, don’t think that they haven’t learned how to profit from it. They sell their organs on the black market. Just do your research on Death Vans in China. They get an order for a certain organ so they go pick out an inmate with the right blood and tissue type and on the way to the airport they harvest the organs and they are sold to the highest bidder. Continue reading When We Default China Will Understand!