The Gathering! Apocalypse Nana

The Gathering!
Host: Jacqueline Druga “Apocalypse Nana

Gathering Apocalipse Nana apocanana 500x500Imagine this scenario. A variation of Hemorrhagic Fever, like Ebola, is airborne. With in months, countries are brought down to their knees, by the end of a year, mother nature has won. You, of course, are one of very few survivors. You have lost everything and everyone you love through the sickness and looting. You are alone, completely alone. What do you do?

One would think the options aren’t there, but in fact they are. As a solo survivor do you forage for what you need, focus only on yourself, secure your homestead and spend the rest of your days alone? Read more “The Gathering! Apocalypse Nana”