Through The Eyes of Zombies!

Idaho near top me 100x75Through The Eyes of Zombies!

This story is fiction and not recommended for those “Faint of Heart”

To go a day without food is not so hard. Before this I once went without food for four days but this time around it was eight days before I finally had something to eat. The man that fed me was a real ass hole to boot. People starving everywhere and he makes me shovel out the crap in his barn and chicken coop for two cheese sandwiches and an apple, screw him. When I left that old fart I went back by that chicken coop and rung the neck of eight or ten of them chickens and threw a couple of them in my gunny sack. Bite me, I thought as I headed on down the road, should have set the barn on fire as well. How can someone that has what he has be so damn cheap. Read more “Through The Eyes of Zombies!”