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The First 24 Hours

The First 24 Hours Forrest & Kyle “The Prepping Academy” Audio in player below! On this episode of The Prepping Academy Forest and Kyle take a stab at the age old Prepper questions: when do I bug out and what happens in the first 24 hours. Let’s just say that you are in for a reality check.

March 25, 2017 1

Normalcy & Abnormalcy bias, finding Balance!

Normalcy & Abnormalcy bias, finding Balance!  Host: Denob “The Prepared Canadian” As preppers, we are all familiar with the term “normalcy bias”.  A state of mind in which people ignore the obvious in preference of perfect world syndrome, where even though bad things happen, they will either not happen to you, or will be of little…
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April 19, 2014 0