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A.I. Maybe Not What We Hoped For?

A.I. Maybe Not What We Hoped For? Lynna… “A Preppers Path” Audio player provided below! A.I. now for those of us on the homestead the term A.I. refers to artificial insemination, you know when breeding animals without the male (daddy) actually on location, but with times changing and technology growing by leaps and bounds it…
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March 14, 2018 0

Winter project Build a computer

Winter project Build a computer Bob Howkins “APN Report” Audio in player below! Snow on the ground, snow on the roof, ice on the roads, winter’s set in. As Preppers, wintertime is a inconvenience, but it’s also downtime. Want something to do? As the desire to get out and about is tempered by the desire…
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January 20, 2017 0

Cyber security, preventing attacks!

Cyber security, preventing attacks! Highlander “Survival and Prep Techs” In the program below we revisit the need for cyber security not only on your devices but in the real world. I discuss what measures we need to take in our everyday lives that we should and must put in place if we want to maintain…
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April 5, 2016 0