The Cold Civil War!

The Cold Civil War
Dane D. “The Gunmetal Armory” Audio player provided

The Cold Civil WarWe are diving in to the world of civil wars and how to start preparing for something that uncertain. What drives a state or an individual to start a civil war? And we are going to talk all about the belief that we are in a kind of “Cold Civil War” at the moment. Its not an easy thing to talk about, but it needs to be discussed for the sake of preparedness, and for us to get a better idea of what the future may hold. A Civil War is nothing to take lightly. There are multiple aspects to it and you have to be thinking ahead so you don’t end up wishing you had been prepared. The hardest part is the reasoning behind this type of Cold Civil War. We talk about this reasoning, and we hit on some examples of the what, why, where, and the when. Read more “The Cold Civil War!”